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K-cup Secretary Gets Licked (2024)

K-cup Secretary Gets Licked (2024)

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My son’s wife with K cup breasts seems to be in a slump lately… I really want to worship and lick and suck those big breasts… At that time, I found out that my son was embezzling money from my company, and a brilliant idea came to me… I’ll threaten my son’s wife and make her work as my secretary. No one will talk back at the company I started. When I put it into action, it went so well that I was already fully erect. When I saw the beautiful big breasts I had dreamed of in the president’s office, I lost myself and sucked them like a child. I’ll lick and violate her well-defined waist, delicate limbs, and long-awaited pussy. In a closed room, in absolute submission, the K cup married secretary was sucked as much as she wanted with her skilled licking technique and smelly saliva, and she was drowning in pleasure in ecstasy.

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