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Mistress - Movie

Mistress – Movie (2024)

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After finishing his long career as a government official in Hanyang, His Excellency returns home with his gisaeng lover. His mistress, who washed her identity as his foster daughter, can’t adjust to the boring country life and becomes lonely. On the other hand, His Excellency keeps paying attention to his female servant, a familiar face in his hometown full of memories, and becomes increasingly neglectful of his mistress. The mistress, who is saddened by His Excellency’s actions, receives comfort for her body and mind from his male servant. One day, an imperial scholar comes to visit and takes control of his mistress, but when His Excellency does not take any action, she becomes greatly disappointed. However, the male servant, who watched the scene, seeks revenge for her from the imperial scholar but is caught by His Excellency and beats him. At the end, his mistress decides to run away with the male servant in the middle of the night.

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Duration: 75 Min

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